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Health and wellbeing

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During the Covid-19 pandemic all appointment requests are handled initially by telephone or video consultation.

Please ring the surgery during our opening hours and we will call you back

How to book an appointment

To make an appointment please ring 01725 510296 during surgery hours (8.30am-1pm, 2pm-6.30pm). 

If you come into the surgery you can ask at the reception desk. Sensitive issues can be dealt with away from the reception area - please ask a member of staff.

If you cannot attend an appointment for any reason, please inform us as soon as possible in order for us to give the slot to someone else.


Help to stop Smoking


Call 0800 772 3649 or text Quit to 66777 for support to stop smoking.  For more information visit

Drug and Alcohol Support


Free and confidential support to anyone living in Hampshire affected by drugs or alcohol use.

Page for over 25's

Page for those under 25

Support for family and carers affected by someone else's drug or alcohol use is available here.

Health and Lifestyle


One You is the NHS hub for Health & Lifestyle advice with areas for the body and for the mind. The site is definitely worth an explore.

Eating Disorders


Southern Health Eating Disorder Service - check out their service leaflet


Eating Disorders NHS website


Children and Eating Difficulties


Maximise Your Health

We have pages on cancer screening and other screening programmes including NHS Health Checks. NHS Health Checks are an important way to pick up problems early so they can be addressed.


Aspects of your life can play a really important role in your optimising your health too.   The great news is, that no matter your genetic make up or your starting point, addressing lifestyle factors and improving your metabolic health can improve your physical, mental and general wellbeing regardless of your any medical diagnoses.  In some specific cases, lifestyle changes can completely reverse a diagnosis or resolve symptoms.  


There are things you can do to improve your health, reducing your risk of health problems in the future like Heart Disease, Type 2 Diabetes and some types of Cancer.  Check out the Resources listed for Metabolic health, help stopping smokingsupport with alcohol and drug use and improving your nutrition with our Lower Carb Nutrition Page

Vit D supplements

All adults and children over 4 yrs old should be taking an over-the-counter supplement of 10 mcg (400IU) of Vitamin D in the winter months and consider taking this all year round if they are at higher risk of vitamin D deficiency.

Areas of day to day life that can improve your health and wellbeing include:



You may find our pages above helpful, as well as links to our metabolic health and lower carb nutrition sites.  


Mental Health


Physical Activity

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Weight Management


Water & Swimming

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