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Physical activity

Physical activity

Physical Activity
Welcome to the physical activity page! You may have been directed here from another page or you just want to find out more about increasing your physical activity. We hope that you find some of the resources helpful. The great news is that no matter your current baseline or medical background, physical activity can help you to feel better in yourself physically and mentally, reducing stress and improving fatigue. It can improve symptoms of many medical conditions too. If you have a musculoskeletal issue that you think might inhibit your ability to increase activity, check out our musculoskeletal page for advice.

Physical Activity Guidelines Infographic: Health benefits.

The recommended advice for physical activity is in these infographics. If you are just started out, in can be daunting, but remember:

Some is good, more is better
Move a little more, sit a little less
Make a start today, it is never too late
Every minute counts - even if you start of with just a few minutes
Physical Activity Guidelines Infographic: Weekly Recommendations Click Here

Before we go further, have a think about the following questions.

This is all about you: you are in control of the next steps in your journey...

How do you feel about your current levels of physical activity?
What would being more physically active do to help you, in your life?
What might make it difficult for you to be more physically active?
What might help overcome these challenges?

Would you like more support? Get in touch with our social prescribing team.

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