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Travel vaccinations

During the pandemic, travel arrangements vary often. The safest thing is to staycation or holiday in the UK.

If you wish to travel abroad, please consider your vaccination status, the cases in your destination country and the quarantine regulations as issued by your holiday country and by the British government. If in doubt: DO NOT TRAVEL.

Government up to date advice

COVID pass

The government advise using the NHS App as your best way of proving your vaccination status. Please download it free from your app provider.

Government advice about your vaccination status

If you require any vaccinations relating to foreign travel you need to make an appointment with the practice nurse to discuss your travel arrangements. This is currently by telephone or video. This will include which countries and areas within countries that you are visiting to determine what vaccinations are required.

There is further information about countries and vaccinations required on the link below:

National Travel Health Network and Centre - Country list

It is important to make this initial appointment as early as possible - at least 6 weeks before you travel - as a second appointment may  be required with our practice nurse to  receive any NHS vaccinations. . Your second appointment needs to be at least 2 weeks before you travel to allow the vaccines to work.

Not all travel vaccinations are included in the services provided by the NHS.

Travel Health Questionnaire

To help us offer the appropriate advice, please fill out the online form before coming to see the nurse.

Travelling in Europe

If you are travelling to Europe a very useful booklet has been published with advice and guidance to help you get the most out of your holiday. To visit please click:- (this is a large document and may take a minute or two to view)

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